cartoon image of wheel chair

House of Hope – Elderly Home for the Homeless


The House of Hope formerly called the Poor House came under management of u2u in 2015 out of a deep concern for the way these homeless elderly people were living.  The progress is slow but we have managed to provide two meals a day and a carer who bathes them regularly.    The residents love visitors and live a very simple life.   The need is incredible and yet the solution so simple – love and provision.    Money.  The photos show the facility they came from.  They lived under a leaking corrugated roof which was like a sieve when it rained.  There was no security wall to protect them or their belongings.

For $5000 a year we now rent a seven bedroomed property which couples as a guest house to generate income with a small amount of land for a vegetable garden.  We installed solar so they enjoy electricity and fans and most recently a fridge and gas cooker.

We started  a savings account with the local hospital which pays for necessary medicines, doctors visits and necessities such as diapers.  Twice monthly a nurse visits and the residents are all now being monitored on a regular basis.

It is a place where the elderly who are sick are left – more like a hospice really – we want to make their last days full of joy and love.  To be with people who care about you and part of a family, has to be the best way to end your days when you are elderly or sick.  We are looking for financial partners to support this project.  Annual budget $15,800.00

Photos of the Poor House we rescued them from.