Community Centre


There is great need for a Community / Rescue Centre in the slums of LaGonave. We are getting ready to strategically fundraise for this amazing project that has been in our hearts, dreams and planning for six years. Architects have finished the drawings which have needed much thought and revision so that this facility embraces the growing and developing community. The property is situated in the slums of one of the poorest places in the world. Our dream is that it’s multi-purpose design will adapt to the many needs and requirements over the years to come and help facilitate change, development and growth on the island of LaGonave. A versatile building to be used for feeding programs, vocational training, philanthropic teams, micro enterprise, a base for ‘u2u’ and available for emergency and rescue needs.  Having taken a break from the completion of the Wesleyan Guest house and the 45 bed Hospital build and the many exhausting fundraisers, we are now ready to put all our energies into this epic project. This will not happen without partners like you.  Please consider this.  Contact us to invite us to share with your sphere of influence about this or any of our projects on LaGonave, Haiti.